Current Projets

It has been a hectic few months, since I have taken the time to post. I am in the process of finishing up writing the first draft of O (which I started last summer). When I look at what I planned to accomplish in the last year, I realized that despite the technical difficulties I encountered with my computer which suddenly gave out on me, life had provided by inspiring me to buy an iPad the year before instead of a television for my room. It’s funny how that works. It allowed me to download the iPad version of the Scrivener application and just keep working on my little projects. I always seem to have more than one in the works.

I have decided that my old blog (although I liked the format) was not set up in a way to include all I wished to include (my writing journey, self-publishing resources and tips, book recommendations, Scrivener tips, downloads) so I have been working diligently in the background on a new site which should be fully up by July 1st 2022.

My bucket list for 2022 – quite a few have already been accomplished in the last few months but New Orleans is being pushed to 2023. I have decided I no longer want to feel like a 1950s housewife and want a dishwasher.

I might not be posting as much on this site as I will be working at fully creating my new site.


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  1. I’m totally excited to see your new space. Please keep me updated!! I’m following, your tips are the best!!

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