Modern witch. Daily affirmations. Soul journey. Meditation. Anxiety? Bye.

In the past six months, I have been reflecting on my schedule. My needs as a woman, a mother, an employee and a writer. I have a a full time job which limits my time and I have realized that as a writer, free time is my most precious commodity.

I have gone through a bit of a rollercoaster in my personal life and my anxiety has been acting up in waves. Mine ressembles a grumpy sea dragon riding the tide to besiege me with guilt, suffocation and fear. In an effort to ward it off, I have learned to go back to the basics, make myself a schedule and rebalance my life.

I have been told that the key to managing my anxiety is through meditative practices. I simply cannot empty my mind. I studied Buddhism in order to try and gain a deeper understanding as well as attended some guided meditation classes. The idea of emptying my mind in itself appears to give me anxiety.

In making my schedule, I realized that that a spiritual dimension was lacking in my life. Similarly to most teenagers, I discovered the Tarot in late grade school. My girls and I enjoyed pulling each other’s cards and playing Ouija on many a preteen Saturday night.

In the past few years, tarot, crystals and semi-precious stones, aromatherapy and other forms of alternative belief systems have been trending once again.

I have decided that my journey towards meditation will be pulling one card a day and reflecting on the message it captures. I will let my intuition lead the way and let go of the anxiety. Breathe in. Breath out. Balance. My mantra for the upcoming year remains be brave.

Camp Nanowrimo 2021 – “O”

I have been working on a trilogy for a little more than two years now.

Due to mistakes I have made while writing this trilogy, the last instalment has been a bit of a frustrating journey. It is alright though as I will definitely not make the same mistakes twice. I will undoubtedly make many new ones.

For this reason when the time for Camp Nanowrimo rolled around, I decided to enjoy the newfound freedom of Summer with a capital S and the release of COVID restrictions. After two years of being inside, I just wanted to enjoy myself.

I decided to start a new story (temporarily called “O”) which I will post on Wattpad (for the first time ever) on August 1st.

This new story has taken the form of a twisted fairy tale, loosely plotted to allow the bizarre last two years of my (our) life to take on a life of its own.

It is exactly the breath of fresh air I needed. Written in a neighbourhood cafe illuminated by colourful lanterns on Parc Avenue surrounded by all the drama of inner city downtown life & also written all tucked up in bed, with the patio door open to let in the night’s cool breeze, “O” is the perfect summer project.