Review: The Testaments by Margaret Atwood


The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

I discovered Margaret Atwood’s writing when I was about twelve. A tattered copy of The Edible Woman was in my grandma’s bookcase in London and as I was spending the summer, I was always looking for ways to pass the time.

Being twelve, I didn’t really fully comprehend the novel but I did enjoy it and asked myself a lot of questions regarding what I did understand. Finding a copy of The Handmaid’s Tale shortly afterwards, I decided to try it also. I read it with rapt interest, obviously once again parts of the novel went completely over my head but even the first time I read it, the novel gave me the chills.

I read it again as a young adult and I was never able to shake it as being horrific. At that point, I naively believed that my unease lay with the use of Offred’s womb as a sacrificial vessel. On a third reading, I began wondering at being a woman in any position within Gilead. A prospect which gave me the chills also.

I watched Pinter’s initial film and believed myself to be wrong in my initial assessments of the novel. Maybe it had simply triggered something within me…

In the past few years, friends have told me that I absolutely had to watch the new series so we could discuss it. According to what I had seen in the clips and reviews, the portrayal was more in tune with my initial imagined view of Gilead so I believed it would be dark and scary. In my case, I have to be in a certain mood for the dark/scary combo and the middle of Lockdown Covid Montreal was not the right time for that headspace. Nnot only were we on lockdown but I have very recently become an empty nester and live alone for the first time in over 20 years!

When we were finally released from Covid restrictions, I started streaming and I couldn’t stop. I watched an episode (minimum) every day until I finished them all. The acting as you must all already be aware is absolutely phenomenal, the atmosphere is exactly how I had imagined it. I was completely enthralled.

I had immediately purchased The Testaments when it came out. Margaret Atwood is an author who is dear to my heart as I am Canadian and to me, she is an icon.

I was in the midst of reading another novel when I found out that The Testaments would also become a televised series very shortly. Then came the age old question: do I read the novel first or watch the series/movie first? I don’t have much self-control it seems so I started the book.

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